1.1 The secure web site of connect.donatelife.gov.au is a secure private website which enables secure interactions between connected organisations.
1.2 CONNECT members may be required to have access to the facilities operated on connect.donatelife.gov.au in order for them to carry out their business. CONNECT members requiring access to the secure CONNECT website in any way will be required to read and understand this Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).


2.1 This policy applies to all connect.donatelife.gov.au members.
2.2 All users of CONNECT must understand and abide by this policy. Users are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the secure website and the information that they use or manipulate.
2.3 All users have a role to play and a contribution to make to the safe and secure use of technology and the information that it holds.


3.1 The secure extranet contains sensitive information which may be put at risk if users do not follow this policy.


4.1 All CONNECT users must read, understand and abide by this policy.
4.2 When using the secure website facilities users should comply with the following guidelines.
4.3 I acknowledge that my use of the secure connect.donatelife.gov.au website may be monitored and/or recorded for lawful purposes.
4.4 I agree to be responsible for any use by me of the secure connect.donatelife.gov.au website, using my unique user ID and password.
4.5 I will not use a colleague’s ID and password to access the secure connect.donatelife.gov.au website and will equally ensure that my ID and password are not shared and are protected against misuse.
4.6 I will protect my ID and password to the same level of secrecy as the information they may be used to access, and I will not write down or share my password.
4.7 I will not attempt to access any CONNECT community site that I have not been given explicit permission to access.
4.8 I will not transmit information via CONNECT that I know, suspect or have been advised is of a higher level of sensitivity than the CONNECT is designed to carry.
4.9 I will not transmit information via CONNECT that I know or suspect to be unacceptable within the context and purpose for which it is being communicated.
4.10 I will not make false claims or denials relating to my use of CONNECT.
4.11 I will protect any sensitive or confidential material sent, received, stored or processed by me via CONNECT to the same level as I would paper copies of similar material.
4.12 I will appropriately label information using the Authority’s Business Classification Scheme.
4.13 I will not send sensitive or confidential / sensitive information over public networks such as the Internet; unless it is suitably protected via encryption or other means.
4.14 I will not forward or disclose any sensitive or confidential material received via CONNECT unless the recipient(s) can be trusted to handle the material securely according to its sensitivity and forwarding is via a suitably secure communication channel.
4.15 I will seek to prevent inadvertent disclosure of sensitive or confidential information by avoiding being overlooked when working, by taking care when printing information received via CONNECT and by carefully checking the distribution list for any material to be transmitted.
4.16 I will securely store or destroy any printed material.
4.17 I will not leave my computer unattended in such a state as to risk unauthorised disclosure of information sent or received via CONNECT (this might be by logging-off from the computer, activating the password-protected screensaver, etc., so as to require a user logon for activation).
4.18 I will inform The Authority’s Helpdesk’ immediately if I detect, suspect or witness an incident that may be a breach of security.
4.19 I will not attempt to bypass or subvert system security controls or to use them for any purpose other than that intended.
4.20 I will not deliberately introduce viruses, Trojan horses or other malware into the CONNECT secure website.
4.21 I will comply with legal, statutory or contractual obligations which the Authority informs me are relevant.


5.1 If any user is found to have breached this security policy, they will have all access to connect.donatelife.gov.au immediately terminated.